10th Dec2012



zrce spring break croatiaThe european’s Croatian biggest spring break

is back to kick your ass one more time in 2013 !!!!

from 6th to 9th June.

This year :

Bigger production, Biggers djs, Biggers parties and fucking boat in your eyeball !!

ZrceSpringBreak.com is definetly an absolut orgy of sound and shows for all your senses !!

and never forget :

“What happens in Zrce stays in zrce…”

Tickets On Sale Now on the official website :



Do not be fooled by imitation parties and frauds. There are lots of croatian spring break copy, even making fake videos to make their parties look like ours. They just don’t get it.

There is only one Zrce spring break !!

We are a party band. It’s the reason we sell out EVERYWHERE WE GO.

It’s like buying a knockoff Louis Vuitton bag at a flea market and then buying the real thing. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR !!

09th Mar2012

Moonsplash festival @ Aquarius Club Zrće


Moonsplash Festival Klub AQUARIUS Zrće

  • Moonsplash 12.08.2012.
  • Moonsplash 13.08.2012.
  • Moonsplash 14.08.2012.

moonsplash festival Aquarius ZRCE

08th Mar2012




Aquarius Zrce Zrce

Jupiter Spring Break

  • Jupiter Spring Break 27.04.2012.
  • Jupiter Spring Break 28.04.2012.
  • Jupiter Spring Break 29.04.2012.
  • Jupiter Spring Break 30.04.2012.

Zrće Spring Break

  • Zrće Spring Break 07.06.2012.
  • Zrće Spring Break 08.06.2012.
  • Zrće Spring Break 09.06.2012.

Hideout Festival

  • Hideout Festival 29.06.2012.
  • Hideout Festival 30.06.2012.
  • Hideout Festival 01.07.2012.

Fresh Island

  • Fresh Island 05.07.2012.
  • Fresh Island 06.07.2012.
  • Fresh Island 07.07.2012.
  • Fresh Island 08.07.2012.

Feel Free Fest

  • Feel Free Fest 22.07.2012.
  • Feel Free Fest 23.07.2012.
  • Feel Free Fest 24.07.2012.

Beat The Heat

  • Beat The Heat 05.08.2012.
  • Beat The Heat 06.08.2012.
  • Beat The Heat 07.08.2012.


  • Moonsplash 12.08.2012.
  • Moonsplash 13.08.2012.
  • Moonsplash 14.08.2012.
Aquarius Zrce Zrce Aquarius
30th Jan2012

Fresh Island Hip Hop Festival Zrće


fresh island festivalWith numerous house and rock events for which the famous local summer festivals, Croatia will get next season and the first major festival of the R & B and hip-hop genre – Fresh Island festival. This will also be the first such festival in the region, something they have yet to Czech Republic – its popular Hip-Hop Kemp or Frauenfeld, Switzerland.
Fresh Island is the first event of its kind at sea and the beach, and this year will be held from 5 to 8 July on Zrce beach, known also as the Croatian Ibiza. At three stages in clubs Papaya and Aquarius festival organizers will gather, say, regional and international cream performers, dancers, MCs, collectives, graffiti artists, skaters and other artists from the popular culture.
Hundreds of thousands of people

- In southeastern Europe, there is no such an event that would bring together R & B and hip-hop musicians cream and other performers. For many years, I’m going to Frauenfeld and Hip-Hop Kemp and when I saw there a hundred thousand people in one place, I was convinced that something of this kind is very easy to come to life in Croatia.
In addition, these festivals are organized in a fairly undeveloped fields, and our order was by the sea, on the existing facilities Papaya and Aquarius. When we sent photos worldwide promoters, they are, if I may so express it, pali in the ass when they see where they will maintain loaciji festival – said Adnan Mehmedovic bear the name of the official organizers, A4 agencies, which consists of him, as a rapper Bizzo Bodega Croatian ambassador to the festival, DJ Phat Phillie and Damir Stupnišek Stupny.

Jet ski ZrcePlaža Zrce was chosen as a unique tourist destination that has become established in the festive number one destination in Europe. Therefore, according to Bear, felt that it was the best place to Zrce promoting urban subculture and R & B and hip-hop music. – We incorporate music, dance, education, socializing and exploring the festival audience with eco responsible way of partying – he is the man who has organized more than 600 events, festivals, conferences and parties in Croatia and beyond.
HAKL summer on the beach

04th Oct2011

Aquarius Zrce 28.04.-02.05.2010


Wednesday 28.04.

night: Aquarius Season opening party

RAP star: TRKAJ ,DeeJay TIME,

Go-go dancers,red carpet: 22h-23h

Thursday 29.04.

day: Aquarius after beach Night fever

Jupiter dancemania vs DeeJay TIME

Playboy bunnies photo show

Dress code WHITE

Night fever tasting,Hot Ice

Friday 30.04.

day: Hawaiian tropic Wet T-shirt

day: Stand up commedy show

night: Sexy Orange party XXX,

Jupiter dancemania,Nacked aces: Mateo,Denny,Kamenx;tonny

Strip Show,Dress code:sexy orange

Go-go dancers,red carpet: 22h-23h

Saturday 01.05.

day: Afte beach party with Bronz models

day: Tequila body shots

night: Fashion TV party with Niki Beluci

Main star: Niki Beluci

04th Oct2011

Aquarius Zrće summer 2009


aquariusIn last few years, Aquarius , beach Zrce became irreplaceable summer institution of unshackled party. This year’s amazing program will confirm its uniqueness and will once again put Aquarius on world’s party hot spots map. Thanks to enormous energy and wide musical vision, Aquarius has this season organized arrivals of world’s most respected DJ names, and will also be hosting Hed Kandi, prestige label and brand, famous for its glamorous parties at world wide jet-set destinations, including those in London, New York and Ibiza. The most spectacular party zone ever seen on these grounds is guaranteed thanks to exquisite artists, and readjusted venue, offering new VIP lodges, 2 separate floors, and unique after beach party arena-a non stop party heaven on earth, where music never stops.

  • 27.06. Opening with Hed Kandi
  • 20.07. Hed Kandi
  • 21.07. Yves Larock
  • 22.07. Fedde Le Grand
  • 27.07. Hed Kandi
  • 29.07. Niki Belucci
  • 30.07. Roger Sanchez
  • 04.08. Laidback Luke
  • 06.08. Shapeshifters
  • 10.08. Hed Kandi
  • 11.08. Benny Benassi
  • 17.08. Hed Kandi