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Do not miss this year an unforgettable time in the crazyest club in Croatia.Come to the opening at the end of 6th month,expected to be an unfirgettable time in the beautiful surroundings of pien trees near the sea,excellent staff,great offers various drinks,cocktails,shooter … so come and be a part of this great event ….

Kalypso Zrće

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Club Kalypso , Zrće , Novalja ,island Pag,Croatia

Kalypso Zrce
Kalypso Zrče
Kalypso is first beach club in Croatia and this year will reach 23 years.Away from Novalja only 2 kilometers,on the beach Zrce,situated in the unique atmosphere of a pine forest.Natural atmosphere includes the rhythms of DJs from all around the world to raise the atmosphere to heat and obliged by your body to the crazy time.You have never dance with beautiful girl 3 meters of the earth while 2000 people are dancing under you? Then this summer,must not miss Kalypso Beach Club because here is dancing and entertaining at all altitudes.When you get tired,do not worry.Order your attractive dancers who do not leave anyone indifferent. During the day enjoy our after_beach parties and use the facilities of happy hour…

source: www.calypsoclub.com

4 Responses to “Kalypso”

  • Natalia

    I typically eat at the saldde creek location for lunch, and they are always packed. I know at least 2 of my visits they have lost or misplaced my order (always with the same other 2 people who receive great delivery) I have eaten at the West location twice, and I haven’t been as impressed- just not the same as the original location.

  • Florian

    Congratulations. Now that all your paper got accepted in FOCS, don’t you want to count the nubmer of previous rejections that got accepted into this FOCS? Even before knowing the whole list of FOCS, I know at least 4 STOC/SODA rejections that got accepted into this FOCS.

  • Amanda

    The boots are really funny And you look aazming as always!I must say, I like rain if it doesn’t rain non-stop for days or weeks (which can easily happen here). But at least something is moving . Far too often we have just a cloudy white sky and that is it no wind, sun, rain, fog, anything. Then I really prefer the rain.And it is aazming you can still dress so light. Though we luckily have a mild winter this year, it is still only around 5 to 9 degrees. No weather for shorts, even with tights *shudder*Simone**

  • deep sea creatures

    I am truly thankful to the owner of this site who has shared this enormous paragraph at at this time.

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