Jupiter  Spring Break

  • Jupiter  Spring Break 27.04.2012.
  • Jupiter  Spring Break 28.04.2012.
  • Jupiter  Spring Break 29.04.2012.
  • Jupiter  Spring Break 30.04.2012.

 Zrće Spring Break

  •  Zrće Spring Break  07.06.2012.
  •  Zrće Spring Break  08.06.2012.
  •  Zrće Spring Break  09.06.2012.

Hideout Festival

  • Hideout Festival 29.06.2012.
  • Hideout Festival 30.06.2012.
  • Hideout Festival 01.07.2012.

Fresh Island

  • Fresh Island 05.07.2012.
  • Fresh Island 06.07.2012.
  • Fresh Island 07.07.2012.
  • Fresh Island 08.07.2012.

Feel Free Fest

  • Feel Free Fest 22.07.2012.
  • Feel Free Fest 23.07.2012.
  • Feel Free Fest 24.07.2012.

Beat The Heat

  • Beat The Heat 05.08.2012.
  • Beat The Heat 06.08.2012.
  • Beat The Heat 07.08.2012.


  • Moonsplash 12.08.2012.
  • Moonsplash 13.08.2012.
  • Moonsplash 14.08.2012.

Moonsplash festival @ Aquarius Club Zrće

Moonsplash Festival Klub AQUARIUS Zrće

  • Moonsplash 12.08.2012.
  • Moonsplash 13.08.2012.
  • Moonsplash 14.08.2012.


Moonsplash festival – Fedde Le Grand  16.08.2011.

Moonsplash festival – Afrojack & Bobby Burns 15.08.2011.

Moonsplash festival – Benny Benassi 14.08.2011.

Girls Night Out with Niki Belucci 11.08.2011.

Girls Night Out with Viktoria Metzker 04.08.2011.

Beat The Heat – Sander Van Doorn 03.08.2011.

Beat The Heat – Benny Benassi 02.08.2011.

Beat The Heat – Dash Berlin 01.08.2011.

Yahel 31.07.2011.

Girls Night Out: Niki Belucci 28.07.2011.

Feel Free Fest – Avicii 27.07.2011.

Feel Free Fest – Chuckie & Baggi Begovic 26.07.2011.

Feel Free Fest – Laidback Luke 25.07.2011.

Feel Free Fest – Alesso 24.07.2011.

Girls Night Out with Miss Mavrik 21.07.2011.

Girls Night Out with Niki Belucci 14.07.2011.

Big Beach: Fatboy Slim 09.07.2011.

Hideout Festival 03.07.2011.

Hideout Festival 02.07.2011.

Hideout Festival 01.07.2011.

Neno Belan / Marijan Ban 24.06.2011.

Supernova Festival 04.06.2011.

Supernova Festival 03.06.2011.

Jupiter Spring Break: Niki Belucci 30.04.2011.

Jupiter Spring Break 29.04.2011.

Jupiter Spring Break 28.04.2011.

Jupiter Spring Break 27.04.2011.


Club AQUARIUS 2010,Zrće,Novalja,island Pag,Croatia !!!

Since Aquarius opened its summer residence in Zrce a few years ago, each new party season has brought a lot of excitement and great performances at our famous DJ desk.  However, this year’s music programme at Aquarius is going to be a real hit for everyone who wants to dance and listen to new quality music. In the summer of 2010, Aquarius Club in Zrce proudly presents two truly spectacular events.

These are three-day music festivals at the peak of the summer season, when all clubbers are coming to Zrce. The first one is FEEL FREE FEST, from 26 -28 July, and the other one is MOONSPLASH FESTIVAL, planning to entertain visitors from 8-10 August. We are still negotiating with some the biggest electro names, but we can already announce some truly special musical treats.

At the July FEEL FREE FEST, Aquarius will host our Italian neighbours – Crookers, DJ and producer duo, most famous for their single “Day ‘n’ Night”, featuring U.S. rapper Kid Cudi. Another Italian star is joining the Aquarius line-up in August at the MOONSPLASH FESTIVAL Benny Benassi, a favourite guest of the local audience who needs no special announcement. He remixed Outkast, David Guetta, Paul Oakenfold and Faithless, gained great popularity with his hit “Satisfaction”, and won a Grammy award for remixing Public Enemy. Alongside Benny, another electro-house sensation is going to appear onstage – Laidback Luke, who performed at Aquarius last year. He cooperates with Swedish House Mafia, Armand Van Helden and David Guetta. Another star to join the party is Riva Starr, DJ and producer from Naples and Luke’s close friend, who has grown incredibly successful in the world of modern house music.

Thanks to these great performers, as well as solo DJ concerts currently being arranged, 2010 summer programme is once again going to show that Aquarius is one of the must-visit party destinations.

See you all at Aquarius!


Club Aquarius , Zrće , Novalja ,otok Pag,Hrvatska

Kratki press najave Aquarius Zrće 2009.


  • 27.6. Opening with Hed Kandi
  • 20.7. Hed Kandi
  • 21.7. Yves Larock
  • 22.7. Fedde Le Grand
  • 27.7. Hed Kandi
  • 29.7. Niki Belucci
  • 30.7. Roger Sanchez
  • 4.8. Laidback Luke
  • 6.8. Shapeshifters
  • 10.8. Hed Kandi
  • 11.8. Benny Benassi
  • 17.8. Hed Kandi

Laidback Luke

Hed Kandi

In last few years, Aquarius , beach Zrće became irreplaceable summer institution of unshackled party. This year’s amazing program will confirm its uniqueness and will once again put Aquarius on world’s party hot spots map. Thanks to enormous energy and wide musical vision, Aquarius has this season organized arrivals of world’s most respected DJ names, and will also be hosting Hed Kandi, prestige label and brand, famous for its glamorous parties at world wide jet-set destinations, including those in London, New York and Ibiza. The most spectacular party zone ever seen on these grounds is guaranteed thanks to exquisite artists, and readjusted venue, offering new VIP lodges, 2 separate floors, and unique after beach party arena-a non stop party heaven on earth, where music never stops. This summer Aquarius is, among others, hosting 2 Grammy winners. The first one is Roger Sanchez, ambassador of dance music, who after winning a Grammy in 2003 for remix for No Doubt’s “Hella Good”, conquered world music scene. The second one is Benny Benassi, who made remixes for famous names such as Outkast, David Guetta, Moby, Paul Oakenfold, Faithless, and the one for Public Enemy earned him Grammy . At club’s summer residence will also play Fedde Le Grande, one of Madonna‘s producers, electro-house sensation Laidback Luke and Shape Shifters, popular house duo. Hot summer days are going to be spiced up with a performance of one magnificent lady- Niki Belucci, known for playful topless sets and mixing skills. A breath of exotic will be brought by Yves Larock, Swiss DJ who enriches his sets with African and Jamaican grooves. In addition, Aquarius is also organizing 5 Hed Kandi parties, presenting this label’s resident DJs and excellent musicians. Unforgettable top class party season is guaranteed.

  • Global Phenomenon Hed Kandi

After top music event held in Aquarius club, Zagreb on this year’s Valentine’s Day, Hed Kandi is preparing a new musical treat for us, this time having the honour of opening another hot summer season in Aquarius, beach Zrće.

Unique combination of stylistic house, chosen and played by exquisite DJs, all packed in well recognizable “Kendi cocktail” guaranties a great party. One of the most celebrated labels in the world has also earned its popularity by organizing very glamorous parties at jet-set destinations world wide.

First official Hed Kendi party had been organized in 2002, and soon after Hed Kendi mania has spread across England. Popularity has grown, and as a result, there’s no continent not hosting at least one party. In last year only, Hed Kendi organized over 1000 events in over 50 countries.

As for Hed Kandi, it’s primarily about the style. Domination of vocal, soulful, US garage and glittering disco  on Disco Kandi, Disco Heaven and Beach House compilations, oppose to a bit darker electro vibe side of Hed Kandi presented on Twisted disco compilation, while Nu Cool, Back to Love Serve Chilled and Winter Chill compilations are reserved for deep, soulful, bar, lounge and chillout beats.

Established in 1999, starting as an unpretentious label Hed Kandi has become a global phenomenon. Constantly enriching catalogue, with over 80 releases and 3 UK top singles, Hed Kandi is one of today’s most respected music brands.

Not only powerful as a label, Hed Kandi radio emporium broadcasts on 6 British radio stations, while Galaxy radio and Ministry of Sound are in charge of world wide broadcasting.  Hed Kandi Radio Show represents fresh floor fillers, exclusive releases and brings special live editions from most popular world’s clubs.

One of Hed Kandi’s trademarks are artistically stylized covers, designed mostly by Jason Brooks.

  • Fedde le Grand

The most successful Dutch DJ/producer Fedde le Grand has stirred up international club and radio scene with his planetary hit “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit” and has recently joined Madonna’s production team.

Queen of pop Madonna mixed Put Your Hands Up For Detroit with music for her recent promotional tour “Sticky & Sweet” using it as a background track for her legendary song Music. This excellent collaboration resulted with another phone call from Madonna- an invitation for Fedde to remix Give It2 Me, the second single from the album Hard Candy. He also made remixes for Robbie Williams and Black Eyed Peas’ front man Will.I.Am. The quality of his electro/house/hip hop cocktails and his work in general were recognized by critics and audience, and as a result he’s a multiple award winner.   Among others  he has won the first prize of Ibiza for “Put your Hands Up For Detroit” 3 years ago, next year repeating this success  and at Miami Winter Conference has won 3 awards (best breakthrough solo artist/best break electro tune/best underground house song).

  • Benny Benassi

This summer’s seria of masters of electronic music  at Aquarius, Zrće will be concluded with  Italian DJ Benny Benassi’s set. In collaboration with his cousin Alle Benassihe made a Grammy winning remix of  Public Enemy’s „Bring the Noise“.

Cousin duo called Benassi Bross also  remixed famous artists such as Outkast, David Guetta, Moby, Goldfrapp, Paul Oakenfold and Faithless. Their studio album “Phobia” released in 2005, including singles “Every Single Day” and “Make Me Feel”, was sold out in France.  One of album tracks “Feel Alive” was inspired by Eric Clapton’s Layla, using Clapton’s original riff. Even previous to the Grammy award given, Benny has gained credits for his work. He’s won few major awards, such as Ministry of Sound’s best production, DJ Mag’s best production and prestige Miami’s Dancestar award for best video. Singles „I feel so fine“ and „Satisfaction“ have spreaded Benassi’s popularity, so he has become one of leading names of European club scene. He compiled Subliminal Sessions volume 6, and was the first European DJ receiving the honor of selecting music for these legendary series.

  • Laidback Luke

Electro-house sensation Laidback Luke-Dutch musician of new generation, often classified as a master equal to Fedde Le Grand or Chocolate Puma, is at the moment one of the busiest DJ/producers in the world.

When spinning he creates his own unique sound-“Live re-mixing”, mixing over 40 tracks in one hour. Starting in his small Amsterdam located studio, his productions have made him a world wide traveller, as he is regular guest DJ in London, Miami, Las Vegas, Cannes, and off course on the unavoidable Ibiza. A remix he made for Martin Solveig’s “I Want You”, has gained popularity up to a level of being sung by clubs’ audience, and one for TV Rock’s “Been a Long Time” ruled international charts and dance floors. His “home cooked” remix for Paul Johnson’s classic “Get Get Down” was bought out and released by legendary Defected.

  • The Shapeshifters

After less then a year, Aquarius is again hosting the world’s most wanted duo The Shapeshifters, this time at the club’s summer residence-beach Zrće.  Max Reich  and Simon Marlin, authors of essential club tunes  „Lola’s Theme“, „Back to Basics“, „Incredible“ and „Sensitivity“ will once more fill Croatian dance floor on August, 6th.

This two house scholars, thanks to their underground funk and soul flavoured house production, are today considered a dance phenomenon. Over last 6 years Max and Simon achieved a lot-they released 4 albums, 10 singles, have gained millions of fans around the world, and signed for Defected. On their production list there are also numerous collaborations with splendours of international music scene. A remix for Christina Aguilera’s „Aint No Other Man“ occupied number 1 position on Billboard’s dance chart, and among others they also remixed  George Michael’s „Flawless“, Moby’s „I’m In Love“ and Fredie Knuckles’s „I’ve Had Enough“. Productions from 2008 „Treadstone“ and „Chime“, released on Defected, praised by critics and audience, have placed them to the throne of the club scene

  • Roger Sanchez

Probably  the biggest star on this summer’s program at Aquarius, Zrće is the ambassador of dance music, multiple awarded DJ/producer and a Grammy winner Roger Sanchez. Croatian audience’s favourite’s going to play on Zrće on July, 30rd.

Roger Sanchez often called “The S Man”, probably the key person of  90s dance scene, has over last years remixed superstars such as Alicia Keys, Madonna, Kylie Minoque, Chic, Daft Punk, Diana Ross and The Police and contributed to the soundtrack of Hollywood movie Blade. Born as an idea in 1996,  through a club smash single Release Yo Self, Roger’s brand, given the same name  has grown into a worldwide phenomenon- an exclusive clubbing concept, a CD mix series (Release Yo Self vol.1-7), a winning podcast radio show that touches millions, and an annual residency that still dominates the scene in its 7th season in Ibiza. Winning Grammy for the best remix of the year 2003-No Doubt’s “Hella Good” was one of many credits he earned.  He formed his opus label Stealth Records in 2002.

  • Niki Belucci

3 years after her entrance in Croatian clubs, this year the most attractive, the most erotic, the most wanted among all girl Djs Niki Belucci is coming back. Ex porn diva, born in Hungary is known for great house sets, playing topless.

Anyhow, it seems that this summer is going to be the last chance to experience this audio-visual delicacy, as Niki’s planning to add a T-shirt to her sets in year 2010. Niki Belucci started her mission of conquering world’s club scene in 2003, and the name of her first tour was „Orgasmic Tour“, as a memory on her short but dynamic movie career. A year later she launched a single „1,2,3,4“, and soon finished an album, given the same name. As a DJ she has played all around the world, and after 2 years she signed for Unlimited Sounds etiquette, a home of D.O.N.S. and Jerry Roper, and soon launched a new single „Get Up!“. She has also won few relevant music awards, and got nominated for best female artist of  year 2005.

  • Yves Larock

Swiss DJ Yves Larock has, practicing his original combination of house and reggae and zouk rhythms left a remarkable trace on house scene, according to critics and audience.

After 10 years of acting as an MC,  Larock had discovered his DJ/producing talent, and has in short time become an international DJ star. He built a unique style, using exotic instruments such as balaphon, banjo, Hawaiian steel drums etc. Larock’s DJ career ascended so quickly thanks to “Zookey”, a single from 2005 sold in 150 000 copies, the most played club tune of that year. As a producer, he confirmed his talent and skills in 2007 with global No.1 “Rise Up”. Optimistic lyrics, performed by reggae vocalist Jaba, have made this track a floor filler, and still it throws audience into a state of delirium. This song was number 1 in over 20 countries.

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